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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Discover How You Can Receive
"Everything You Ever Wanted"...
Successful Career, Dream Relationship, And Feel Whole, Empowered And Worthy Of It All

by releasing 4 dimensional trauma

Discover How You Can Receive
"Everything You Ever Wanted"...
Successful Career, Dream Relationship And Feel Whole, Empowered And Worthy Of It All

by releasing 4 dimensional trauma

Would you rather have it all or have the world think you do?

I’ll let you in on a secret.

In my case, I’d fooled everyone including myself!

Nothing is worse than grinding non-stop and still feeling exactly the same...

On paper, I was a superstar.

Successful Career - Executive Fiancé  - Traveling The World, And A Beautiful Baby Girl

So why wasn’t I fulfilled?

Being a powerful presenting woman without truly feeling powerful or fulfilled is one of the WORST roles you can play.

Nailing the textbook definition of success wasn’t enough.

My achievements rang hollow...

The spark within me dimmed... 

Resentment toward a society that both expected me to be liberated yet docile grew...

Sexy but frigid.

Proud but #blessed.

Now what?

I wondered...


Would you rather have it all or have the world think you do?

I’ll let you in on a secret.

In my case, I’d fooled everyone including myself!

Nothing is worse than grinding non-stop and still feeling exactly the same...

On paper, I was a superstar.

Successful Career - Executive Fiancé  - Traveling The World, And A Beautiful Baby Girl

So why wasn’t I fulfilled?

Being a powerful presenting woman without truly feeling powerful or fulfilled is one of the WORST roles you can play.

Nailing the textbook definition of success wasn’t enough.

My achievements rang hollow...

The spark within me dimmed... 

Resentment toward a society that both expected me to be liberated yet docile grew...

Sexy but frigid.

Proud but #blessed.

Now what?

I wondered...

Why did I work so hard?

So I wrote this for any woman who feels the same

If you’re a high-achieving successful woman who appears to

have it all...

But the gaping hole in your soul doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you work... 

And deep down you still yearn for more abundance, joy, and peace... 

I’m here to tell you my love, that it’s not your fault. You have been misled! 

Because I’ve been where you are. 

For many years I focused on achievement thinking that I’d eventually feel fulfilled. 

But it didn’t work that way. 

So pay close attention...

And I’ll show you a principle I discovered that can transform your life too. 

You’ll see how healing your past and building emotional competence can unlock your heart's desire for material, career, and romantic success.

And that’s not all. 

You’ll also discover: 

  • Why doing healing work doesn’t mean that you’re broken.
  • Why traditional solutions such as therapy may not work for you—even though they have their place.
  • The ONE thing that most women don’t know about trauma that causes them to make decisions from their weakest place.
  • ​Why deeply engrained societal belief systems are keeping you stuck.
So since you’re giving me your time...

Here’s why you should listen to me...

My name is Marcia Miatke and I’m a mom and emotional intelligence & empowerment coach.

I’ve also gone from having trauma and dealing with heartbreak to thriving in all areas of my life.

Not by simply pursuing achievements but by healing and mastering my emotions. 

And the results have changed my life

in significant ways:  

  • I’m now with the love of my life who’s also my soul’s home. He makes me feel safe, seen and capable of doing anything.
  • ​I took a step of faith and left a promising career in Academia and started a coaching business even when many people thought it didn’t make sense.
  • ​As a parent, I’m able to process my emotions in a healthy way when it comes to dealing with my kids outbursts which means less of the dreaded mum guilt.
  • ​And countless other blessings.

But it wasn't always like this...

I struggled for many years with unresolved trauma.

Despite my ambition, I played SMALL compared to my potential. 

Yes, even with the diamond rock on my finger, “top executive” fiance, and designer wardrobe.

Because I was afraid of my emotions. I was scared of failure... and of getting hurt. 

Most importantly I was afraid to define success on my terms.

So today I want to show you that you can achieve fulfillment by healing your emotional wounds. 

With self-compassion and self-love, you can leverage your experiences to empower yourself. 

I know that can be hard to believe..

When you’re deep in hustle mode, pursuing excellence yet you’re still unfulfilled..

And you don’t see how that cycle could ever change. 

But that’s not how it has to be.

You can be fulfilled in every area of your life BUT you’ll first have to go through unpleasant emotions. 

Babe what I’d like you to do now..

Think about all the things you desire for your life.

Then imagine how it would feel if they were in your physical reality now

  • Like having clarity on who you are, what you came here to do, living that purpose, AND feeling fulfilled as you do.
  • Feeling like a powerful woman, embodying confidence and a deep sense of worthiness of all this world has to offer. 
  • Including a strong masculine partner who sees you, honours you, and makes you feel safe.

But first...

Just in case this feels to Woo-Woo and you think this sounds too good to be true.

I want you to know that what I’m sharing is grounded in science. 

Whatever religion you practice - if any at all - what I teach will align with your beliefs.

Because this work is applicable to the life and times of all women. 

Yet also deeply personal. 

I dedicated 4 years to understanding the science behind the emotion. 

And I also discovered that spirituality has a huge impact on how you process your emotion and the story that you tell yourself. 

But here’s the thing: 

This following isn’t for everybody. 

Unless you are...

  • A woman who wants to elevate your life in all areas.
  • A queen who’s tired of settling in life.
  • A babe who’s ready to do the work and ready for a transformation. 

"I’ve grown so much and I’ve learned how to own my power and to love myself. I’ve healed old wounds and become a stronger, more confident woman as a result. "

-   Donna R

Picture this scene:

It’s 2016.

I’m sitting in a beautiful cafe with my handsome high-earning fiancé.

While the diamond ring on my hand glittered as I held my infant daughter...

Inside I felt hollow.

This feeling of emptiness didn’t make sense. 

I’d done everything that I was supposed to. 

I was compliant, respectful, and dutiful. 

I’d even hustled to tick all the boxes and be a woman worth admiring:

Rich, successful partner.
Multiple degrees.
Sought after entrepreneur.
Multiple pieces of real estate.
And now a family!

But the whole experience felt like the biggest disappointment; a complete anticlimax

So where was the happiness, excitement, and passion of life? 

I didn’t understand why I felt this way. 

And all I could think was:

Was this it?

I’d climbed whatever mountains stood in front of me.

No easy feat considering the feelings of helplessness, sadness, and shame I had from a traumatic childhood.

I was born in poverty in the mountains of Peru where I experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my father. 

And I often wondered what I did wrong.

I admit that I wasn’t dealt the best hand of cards. And as a kid that’s even more difficult to process. 

Along the way a loving family adopted me. Yes! I was saved!

Unfortunately that didn't fix me

The trauma stayed.

I didn't have a handle on my emotions.

Fights with my sister left me literally heartbroken.

The pain was too much and yet I felt emotionally empty. It was ironic. 

All I wanted to do was fill the gaping void.

First it was alcohol and drugs, then men and material success, but nothing worked.

The pain was unbearable!

What I didn’t know at the time was that hitting rock bottom can be the beginning of a beautiful foundation for your life. 

I realised that I had major insecurities..unhealed wounds..traumas and I didn’t own my power as a woman.

So I started the inner work and acknowledged emotions that I’d preferred to stay buried. 

I went to various coaches for guidance. I kept at it even when it got really hard. 

Although I didn’t want to feel the pain again, I’m glad I didn’t abandon myself.  

I’m grateful I fought for myself and my daughter’s future. 

And along the way, I met my wonderful fiance who’s also my home. He’s the epitome of a healthy masculine man, one who is strong and stable; my home. 

But here’s the most important part of my story.

Despite all my achievements I still felt a sense of emptiness. 

And after that moment in the cafe, I realized that I needed to truly heal my past and learn to elevate my emotions. 

I had done some inner work but I needed to go deeper. I’d fought too hard to come this far. 

And I knew that I could have both achievement AND fulfillment. 

But there was a missing piece. 

I’d done the inner work but I still felt unfulfilled.

So that’s when I began my research. 

I finally discovered WHY I still struggled with unhealed emotions even after doing the superficial work. 

It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong.

But it had everything to do with my brain unconsciously rehashing the old story. 

My brain hadn’t received the message that I wanted to change. 

Here’s the thing: 

Trauma is any stressful event that shatters your sense of security. 

And when you experience trauma it gets stored at a conscious and subconscious level...even when you don’t remember a particular event. 

Because trauma is stored in your subconscious and your body.

So why is this fact important? 

Scientists believe that the subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of all your decisions

Think about it...95% of what you do you’re not even conscious of. And when life gets hard you fall back to your subconscious programming. 

The reality is that when we have unprocessed trauma we can’t reach our full potential. It’s literally impossible. 

And that's why sometimes talk therapy 
isn't your best option...

Imagine watching a movie over and over again. 

Soon enough you would learn the lines without trying to remember. 

You would predict the different scenes before they happen. And you’d know exactly what the characters in the movie will do and say before it actually happens. 

The same thing can happen with your talk therapy. 

I call it the Low Light Reel

Why is this important? Now don’t get me wrong...

Talk therapy has its place as it can help to come to terms with challenging experiences. 

But it cannot remove the trapped trauma from your subconscious. Period. 

And what’s more…

Trapped trauma affects your balance of Feminine and Masculine Energy.

Little you was born with a unique concoction of both - mostly feminine energy.

Because a healthy mix determines whether you’ll…

♡ Find boss babe career success.
♡ Attract or repel a “romance novel” partner.
♡ Allow your loved ones to grow in a healthy environment.
I’ll show you something we explore deeply in our transformational program.

This is how the energies cause us to show up:
When you’re more guarded and focused on ‘doing’ instead of receiving, you end up wearing a Masculine Mask. 

And here’s a hard truth: 

You won’t feel whole and fulfilled until you embrace your feminine side. 

And to tap into your feminine energy you need to remove trapped trauma from your body. 

So how do you remove trapped trauma from your body, for good?

The answer is simple..

And it all comes down to one thing— your subconscious. 

Your subconscious mind influences 95% of your decisions. 

It’s like watching a film with the audio out of sync.

The action happens long before speech and sound effects register!

Well, I believe your subconscious mind is “speaking up” right now.

It’s telling you that something is missing.

So therapy makes the most sense to “screw your head on straight” right?

Not exactly.

Your choices begin subconsciously and run through 4 “filters”:

♡ Psychological
♡ Emotional
♡ Spiritual
♡ Physical

The thought causes an emotional response that is interpreted by our spiritual framework and felt in our body.

Most solutions (like talk therapy) don’t address all dimensions you have as a human being. 

And for any solution to work, you need to move through these dimensions so that you experience change from the inside out. 

Real change comes from having those dimensions in alignment. 

So I sought the best coaches on Earth at each of these phases.

But there was a roadblock:

My coaches - the best in the world in their field - only addressed 1 - 2 dimensions.

I felt better... 

Yet my healing journey took many winding paths.

Though I’d gotten all 4 dimensions in check, no coach or mentor had harmonized the concepts.

By this point more and more women reached out to me daily.

Which churned the subconscious stew.

From its depths arose a question

How can I  give women an accelerated path?

So that they could skip the YEARS of painful struggle that I went through.

With the encouragement of my 2 friends, I created an online community. 

And I began sharing my knowledge from my own experiences. 

I also started sharing what I learned during the 4 years I dedicated to researching emotions and emotional intelligence.

A torrential downpour of women joined my community and wanted to be part of the transformation. 

Breakthrough upon breakthrough upon breakthrough happened daily.

I knew we’d have positive responses, but the results were OVERWHELMING!

Results like Halla’s, who finally got her life back on track:

"Knowing Marcia has been a game-changer for me.
 I feel safe, heard, and supported in my growth. I look forward to the woman I am becoming with her help."

Once I got this “seal of approval” from the women I worked with..

I got brave and decided to launch a transformational program that would empower women in their authenticity...

And help them get everything they wanted out of life. 

So today I’m excited to present to you: 

Empowered Woman Transformational Program

Embody your highest self by healing your past and mastering your emotions. 

The Empowered Woman Transformational Program is the only training program for women to:

  •  Envelop the mind-body-soul connection into one art. (Rather than focus on one or two incomplete concepts.)
  • Connect with their feminine energy authentically.
  • Create fulfillment in every area of their life (Yes - even materialistically! Rock those heels!)
This program is designed to fit high-achieving women’s “busy lifestyles” and covers everything you need to create a fulfilling life. 

The Empowered Women Transformational Program is the exact program I wish I had 14 years ago when I started my journey of healing my emotions and seeking fulfilment. 

And now it’s my responsibility to share this program with as many women as possible..

Here's exactly what's inside...

  • Healing the Past 

Ever feel like you make progress only for something inside you to pull you back down? Inside are exercises to lower your internal resistance to change so you can heal.

  • Building Emotional Intelligence

Can “negative” emotions be your secret weapon? Heck YES! How you operate in the world comes down to how well you manage emotions. Discover the methods I use inside.

  • Head, Heart & Soul Connection

Change is only sustainable when ALL (psychological, emotional and spiritual) of you is aligned with the change you desire. From this aligned place, anything is possible. You’ve heard of a bucket list. Now I want you to create a MANIFESTATION list that inspires and fuels you

  • Embodying Feminine Energy

This may be the most important concept you embrace. Embodying my feminine essence not only allowed me to attract a man practically from a romance novel; the perfect man for me, it also allows me to live a life of less resistance of more flow

  • Honouring Your Physical Body

Every woman deserves to feel vibrant and beautiful; that’s not vanity, that’s self-love. But society programs us to strive for an impossible ideal. And when we don’t measure up, we begin to disassociate, reject and label them ‘wrong’ and something to be 'fixed. You’ll learn how to end the war with your body so you can be the most confident, powerful and fully expressed woman you can be.

  • Plus These Amazing Bonus Classes:

Emotional Intelligence
♡ Spiritual Alignment
♡ Embodying Feminine Energy

Here’s What Other Women Are Saying 


This program has supported me to see my innate greatness and to trust in my intuition. I love 
watching the lives as it invigorates me for the rest of the week. I’ve told so many people 
about the Academy because Marce delivers premium content. Grateful for this 
exclusive community of motivated women.

This program has supported me as a woman and a mother, trying to understand 
things deeper and also trying to always learn and grow so I can be the best version 
of myself and for my future children.


It’s so incredible to be part of such an intelligent and connected community. 
Even the comments are soulful and in tune, it’s absolutely empowering!


It’s all the light bulb moments each week. The wisdom drops that I’m able to collect 
and keep with me on this journey. The way I’m continuously able to better understand 
myself and others. It’s the connection and feeling like I’m not alone even when it feels 
really lonely. It’s the weekly inspiration to strive for more and be confident in what 
I want when I’m feeling it but also the love and support to honour myself 
and rest when needed.

This program supports me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. In the most loving, 
genuine, and nurturing ways! It’s a safe space for me to connect with like-minded 
women which are so important to me right now in this crazy somewhat 
disconnected world we’re experiencing. I love all my sisters
 here deeply! So grateful!

Now Imagine This:

You’ve signed up for the The Empowered Woman Transformational Program and your life begins to shift POSITIVELY.

You’re authentically in your feminine energy. 

And you now experience fulfillment daily.

Abundance flows into your life.

Your energy is irresistible and infectious to everyone you meet.

It attracts a strong, masculine presence and inspires the men around you to show up as their best selves.

(Be they a partner, brother, son, or friend.)

Masculine in every way and to make you feel seen and safe.  

The way you present yourself physically reflects the newfound value you place on yourself.

You’re irresistible.

Fulfillment has FINALLY come from healing your past, up levelling your emotions, and embracing your feminine energy. 

Sound good?

Then this is the opportunity of a lifetime

You’re Invited To Apply For the Empowered Woman Transformational Program.

Learn how to heal your past, leverage your emotions and get REAL fulfillment in every area of your life. 

Embrace your femininity and attract high-quality people into your life.

You can apply in 2 ways...

Option #1 - Chat With Me (Marcia) On Messenger Now!

Option #2 - Apply And Schedule A Free Success Session With Our Coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

I skipped to the bottom. Please summarize this for me.

The Empowered Woman Transformational Program is a 12-week program that helps you heal your past, build emotional intelligence, and connect with your feminine energy. Marcia’s goal is to take you from simple “achievement” to ALL-OUT fulfillment. 

How is this program different from other programs/courses/books on the market?

Unlike most coaching programs, books, and talk therapy— The Empowered Woman Transformational Program covers psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical transformation. Most programs don’t address these as comprehensively as this program and most leave out the spiritual element. 

We start with a deep analysis of the emotional wounds that most of us struggle with then use proven systems, including hypnotic meditation, scripting and a diverse range of emotional release processes. And that’s not all. You also get guidance from your accountability coach for unprecedented levels of guidance and support.

Plus you get full lifetime access to the program to use as you grow in your transformation. As program alumni, you will be contacted as new transformational content is added to the program.

How does the program work? Is it “live”? 

The Empowered Woman Transformational Program is an online self-paced video course. You’ll be able to learn and implement the lessons in the privacy of your own home. 

What kind of Content Can I Expect to Receive? 

You’ll receive transformational strategies based on the science of trauma, emotion, and energetics. You’ll also receive business strategies that leverage both masculine and feminine approaches. Marcia teaches from life experience and years of psychological, spiritual, and business training. 

What if I need 1:1 coaching?

You’re in luck! Once you sign up for the program you’re assigned an accountability coach. They’ll help you through the journey and support you when you feel “stuck”.  

How fast will I get results? 

Will your life change “just like that?” No, it won’t. But If you’re committed to doing the work and showing up for yourself you’ll see amazing results. Just one subtle insight from the program can dramatically change the direction of your life. 

Does this work for international students?  

Absolutely! The principles and strategies I teach are universal so long as you’re a woman who seeks fulfillment in her life.
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